PlayStation MAG256 Game Launch

Published on 10.05.2010 by patrick in behind the scenes

Playstation 3’s recent MAG-256, Massive Action Game, event which took place in the stark bowels of London’s Westminster University

This event was a illustration of the online capabilities — 128 first-person gamers shoulder to shoulder in the UK and 128 in the U.S. warring over a 2Gb internet connection to showcase the newest, most advanced reason not to go to work currently on the market.  It took two days to build the set for a mere five hours of transatlantic gaming, during which film was shot on three fixed DSLR’s, with an additional camera on a moving crane overhead.  Retouching and offline editing took place on-site. The set for the launch was three 2 metre high scaffold structures, which when viewed from above read 256. Around each of these structures PS3 consoles and plasma monitors were fixed, forming the 128 game stations.The client’s brief was to produce content after the event had run for 4 hours. The time lapse was shot over the 2 build days, 3 fixed position DSLRs at opposing corners of the build and one above on the crane. The crane was used to transport the scaffold, so we could only position the camera once it was done moving. First thing on day 3 we shot the overhead elements from the crane, one pod at a time with no gamers so the compositing could begin. When the game play began we re-shot with all the gamers in place and did one run with the crane running from one end to the other with the camera firing on continuous, this provided the fly over sequence. All these element were comped and the end frame retouched on site on a workstation squeezed into the corner of the cloakroom, along-side the AfterEffects edit suite. As the edit progressed we shot still frames for the titles grabbed the client for feedback and approval. A quick music change at the last minute caused a slight delay but we had the finished product approved and out to PlayStation markets by mid-afternoon. It’s all about teamwork!

View the final film below or here